The sports department of China Medicine University was founded in 1996, formerly known as China Medicine University Department of sports department, public commitment to the school sports teaching, scientific research, University high level sports team training, group competition and students' physical health evaluation and management. With teaching research room, physical research room, group research room, national traditional sports teaching and research department and the Department office.

The existing staff of 46 people, 41 full-time teachers, teachers are: 1 professors, 18 associate professors, 24 lecturers title; the 1 doctor and 28 masters, doctoral 1, PhD 2, master 1 people; there are 4 national referees man, a referee 25.

The school is currently the vice chairman of China University Volleyball Association unit, Chinese University Sports Association two exercises branch units, vice chairman of the Committee of Jiangsu province university student sports aerobics association chairman unit; deputy director of Jiangsu provincial university student association working committee, deputy director of the Nanjing branch of the unit, and the Research on the teaching of Jiangsu Province Sports Association unit.

In teaching, to enhance students' physical fitness, promote students' health, cultivate students' good lifelong training habits for the purpose of education. Strengthening teaching specialty teaching and hierarchical teaching, interest, according to the students' individual differences and different needs, according to the special needs of various types of course design, students choose a class by the free online project, and offering the course of physical health care of disabled students, encourage students through physical education curriculum learning, mastering athletic skills more than 2.

The sports department to carry out various kinds of competitions and sports activities as a focal point, vigorously to create a good campus sports culture atmosphere, show style, high level sports teams continue to enhance students' awareness of health concept, cultivate students' interest in physical training and lifelong physical education. Held regularly every year in track and field games, winter cross-country running, new class cup, cup, cup, cup and division of graduate school aerobics, cheerleading competitions and other series of sports activities on campus. Regular aerobics, kickboxing, karate, ballet, Latin dance, yoga and a series of special training, warmly welcomed by the students.

School sports department existing volleyball and aerobics two high level sports team. The 2014 Youth Olympic Games, our school aerobics team take the Youth Olympic beach volleyball, hockey and other events before and during the show work, devoted a total of more than 260 screenings of wonderful performances, won the Youth Olympic Organizing Committee highly recognized and many domestic and foreign media reported high frequency. During the International Olympic Committee President Bach more visited the scene condolences to my school aerobics team members and won the Youth Olympic Organizing Committee awarded the sports exhibition outstanding organization award.

After all the teachers' efforts, and achieved fruitful results in sports teaching, scientific research, group competitions, mass sports and high level competitions, held many national, provincial and municipal colleges and universities competition, won the outstanding Division title, and expand the social influence, school conscientiously implement the Regulations on school sports. The formation of a school ball exercises sports work characteristics, and constantly create a new pattern of physical education.